AsiaKredit provides ground-breaking, fast and convenient installment-based consumer finance products through a mobile app to the underbanked middle-class in the Philippines.

Through pera247, the company’s flagship mobile app, AsiaKredit analyses smartphone behavioral data and other alternative data sources to improve the availability of credit to middle-class Filipinos with limited or with no banking history.

AsiaKredit’s diverse, experienced, and proven management team is the market-leading advocate for responsible lending, including strictly adhering to the Code of Ethics.

Headquartered in Singapore, AsiaKredit currently operates in the Philippines.

AsiaKredit was seeded and developed by FORUM, the largest fintech venture builder in Emerging Asia, and Fintonia Group, the leading early-stage fintech investor in Southeast Asia.


AsiaKredit was formed by a group of established entrepreneurs and executives in the financial services, internet/e-commerce, and technology industries. Their over 100 years of combined experience has resulted in successful ventures leading them to team up and recognize a massive gap in the consumer finance space in Southeast Asia.

In spite of Southeast Asia’s half a billion plus population and over two trillion (US) dollars in GDP, bank penetration is less than 50%, and worse, credit card is 5%. While developed market’s consumer lending as a percent of GDP are in excess of 50%, Indonesia is 17% while the Philippines is only 7%.

In the Philippines alone where there are over 60 million Filipino adults, only 20 million have a bank account and only 3 million have a credit card. Yet we know that 7 out of 10 Filipinos have the need for - and secure credit, mostly from informal lenders. 

This is about to change! Simply download an App on your mobile phone, answer a few questions, give access to data, and receive funds in minutes!


To be a gateway for honest and hardworking individuals in Southeast Asia who are under or unbanked, to gain access to formal credit, while educating them on responsible financial management - bringing them into the formal banking sector and economy and thus improving their standard of living.


For honest and hard-working individuals, AsiaKredit aims to be a lender that identifies credit-worthy customers through their digital footprint and delivers a decision and access to funds in minutes.


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